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ATO, but also Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and other Gulf states. He said a special envoy should be appointed to work with the coalition in organizing the


before." According to Rhodes, the summit, which is attended by leaders of 47 countries and three major international organizations, is the "largest gathering of countries" hosted .


h police arrested 12 men on Monday morning in a large-scale national counter terrorism operation. These men, aged between 17 and 28, were detained on suspicion of "commission, pr.


the baby was lying in the middle of the street," she told Xinhua. "I know this young man, he stands in front of this store and sells his CDs, I have given him money before, I have.


t on Thursday morning and was aimed to break the protection schemes of the organized crime in Baja California, where the drug cartel of Arellano Felix operates. MEXICO CITY, Marc.

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-- Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya had been ousted "unconstitutionally" in the 2009 coup, a truth commission said Thursday in a report. In its final report on the June 28.

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poisoning rose to 11 after another victim died here, health officials said on Friday. A television report said the 11th victim died in San Miguel del Padron, a neighborhood in eas.

lion dollars in the 2010 fiscal year. "We are tasked with tackling a problem that wasn't created overnight. That didn't come about just in the last few years. Our debt and deficit .

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