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monitored the e-mails and phone calls of millions of ordinary Brazilians, as well as the country's president Dilma Rousseff, her top aides and the state oil and gas giant Petrobr


Israeli forces against a ship with Turkish flag, loaded with humanitarian aid for Gaza, Palestine, killing 19 people and injuring 30 others. The Argentine government condemned the.


e department's emergency plans. "We're digging in and are as engaged as we've ever been and as we will continue to be." He stressed the importance of continued outreach in the comm.


e quintile with the highest household income, and increased 4.9 percent for the top five percent households, it said, citing U.S. official figures. During the same period, the aggr.


cluding U.S. citizens, civil society organizations, the Congress, U.S. government agencies, donors and partner country governments the ability to examine, research and track U.S..

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remained effective for three other towns -- Alpine, Greer and Nutrioso, which were nearly surrounded by fire during the past week, the report said. Residents in these towns may h.

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32nd of the 33 trapped Chilean miners was rescued on Wednesday. The last one out is shift foreman Luis Urzua, who had been trapped underground for 70 days, the longest survivor of.

nsidered illegal, might have been improperly funded by diverting money from a program designed to gather general information about the region. The secret use of private contracto.

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